2 Layers Eclair Round Tower


Kinds of Chocolate: Stick Chocolate 1pc.
80.700 BD

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2 Layer Eclair Round arrangement with 56 pcs of boxes each box is filled with one piece of  chocolate chosen by customer.

Kinds of Chocolate to Choose

Stick Chocolate

Stick Coconut
Stick Wafer
Stick Salted Caramel
Stick Nutella
Stick Hazelnuts
Stick Pistachio
Stick Almonds

Flutes Chocolate

Flutes Pistachio
Flutes Hazelnut
Flutes Almond
Flutes Nutella
Flutes Salted Caramel
Flutes Coffee
Flutes Lotus

Egg Chocolate

Egg Pistachio
Egg Almond
Egg Hazelnut
Egg Nutella
Egg Caramel
Egg Coffee
Egg Coconut

Qubes Chocolate

Qubes Chocolate Mocha
Qubes Chocolate Salted Caramel
Qubes Chocolate Pistachio
Qubes Chocolate Coconut
Qubes Chocolate Almond
Qubes Chocolate Hazelnut
Qubes Chocolate Nutella


Base: 35cm 2inch. L1: 30cm 3inch. L2: 25cm 5inch. Top: 20cm 5inch


Styro Code : ST010

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